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Professional Life Coaching

Know what you want to achieve but need support getting there?

I often hear clients tell me they know what they want to achieve but are struggling to get started or stay focussed on their goal.  


Engaging with a coach can provide all the support you need to make the change you want.  Coaching can provide helpful tools and techniques, eliminate self-limiting beliefs and empower you to overcome unhelpful behaviours to clear the way to personal empowerment and self-belief.

Differences between Counselling and Coaching

Although there may be some cross-over between counselling and coaching, there are some clear differences between these roles.  


Coaching generally focuses on attaining specific professional or personal goals, is mostly short-term, action-orientated and focussed in the present and future.  It usually includes very distinct phases:

  • Clarifying what you would like to achieve

  • Identifying and harnessing your unique skills and strengths

  • Developing a specific, actionable plan 

  • Sharing ideas, strategies and resources to help you attain your goals

  • Providing feedback

Benefits of working with a Coach who is also a qualified Counsellor


In my practice, I often work with people who are coming along with a very specific goal in mind, this may be personal or professional.  As we begin to work, it is common to find that the root of the current issue relates to childhood, adolescence or past experiences.  This is where working with a therapist who has experience and training in both coaching and clinical therapy can ensure you get the support you need.   


However, there are times when we identify events or behaviours from your past are blocking the way forward.  When this happens, working with a Coach/Counsellor is particularly important. 


A counsellor is experienced and trained to understand and support you to resolve issues from the past to enable you to move forward to your goals.  It is absolutely ok to ask if they have completed a recognised counselling, psychotherapy or psychology qualification that qualifies them to work with these areas of focus.   


Dr Sally Jansen

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